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April 4, 2010

How to be funny

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Tips on how to be funny
To be frank, you’ll have to teach yourself how to be funny. No one can do it for you. The process is mostly trial and error, plus lots of observing other people’s comical successes and mistakes. To excel at humor is a lifetime job, not something you can conquer in an hour or two. That said, here are tips, testimonials, and resources — comedy helpers — on how to acquire silly sensibilities. Your mileage will vary.
I get most of my laughs from fake storys think of a fake or maybe even real story (that is funny) after you tell the story try to convince them sarcasticly that the story is real like I said in rules its not very good to be making  jokes 24/7 ahnoying people so make fun of things when the time is right so dont make fun of the diablitied and dont try to be funny at funrals.
Facial expression is a big part. In a funny situation where everyone is laughing, try hard to look blank, like you don’t know whats happening. You get laughs, and all eyes are on YOU. Don’t be scared. Some people like staring at other people unexpectedly- that cracks up laughs.
rules on being funny, the most important rule
1.sometimes its ok to be funny sometimes its not if you try to be funny all the time people arent going to like you so you have to know when to be funny and when not to be.
2. jokes are ok but some are terrible so make sure you have a good joke when your saying it.
3. one of the best ways to be funny is take the topic your talking about and mess with it change it up so that its worth at least chukling at.
4. try not to put to much thoght into what your saying to be funny so dont stay up all night to think of a joke that sucks.

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