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April 24, 2010

My old Job

I discovered I need to help others and began doing so. 
In my life, I have done many things to prove myself something. Proving myself I can be a humble person and not afraid of any hardship! :D D I needed to test myself, mentally and physically. This is how I contribute to my society.
A story about my old job. I was writing this topic while I was working there.

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My Director of CHO, his name is In Chomno. He is an amazing man.
He does not only raise funds for CHO, but also runs the entire organization.
My CEO is a wonderful man who is doing an incredible work of transformative reconciliation and social empowerment in the villages surrounding Poipet with Cambodian Hope Organization, an NGO that he started.
The Cambodian Hope Organisation (CHO) is a Christian NGO based in Poipet, Cambodia. Our vision is to see a network of strong, hope-filled communities, where adequate mental, physical, and spiritual needs are met. We believe this to be in keeping with Matthew 22:v39, where Jesus commands us to “love our neighbors as ourselves”.
CHO believes children to be at the heart of this vision for Cambodia and strives to educate, empower and equip children as leaders of the future. In fitting with this, the pinnacle of CHO’s ever-expanding network of projects is currently a ten year vision for the creation of a safe haven site close to Poipet: set to house educational, pastoral and administrative facilities.
 POSITION: Volunteer Coordinator Or Team HospitalityJOB SUMMARY:

The position of Volunteer Coordinator primarily focuses on the coordination of volunteers and visitors to Cambodian Hope Organization.

This involves all communications with teams / individuals who are interested in visiting CHO from their first point of interest (via email), throughout their preparation period, arrival, stay, departure and follow up.It also includes keeping up to date and accurate documentation on visitors / volunteers and any external training provided to CHO.

I work as a volunteer coordinator.
I am working for the Cambodian Hope Organization(CHO). My primary responsibility is interpreting for English speaking visitors. I also show visitors around the CHO projects, checking and replying to CHO emails and teaching Khmer to the long term overseas teams.
After my graduation, I spent 2 years off just for travelling. I had fun, but at the same time, some mornings I would wake up and feel like I was a kind of useless person, not doing anything  and always getting headaches too. Everyone has a conscience. Me too. When you have done something wrong, your conscience will blame and it will be on your conscience.
On the day of the count down to 2010, I wished I could get a job and put my degree to work. A few days later, the first time I applied for a job, I got accepted. My dream came true. God answered my prayer. That’s how God works, in mysterious ways. Thank you Lord. If God does exist, He has blessed me alot. God has a great plan for everyone. I have a high respect for God, but I still follow my family traditions.:)
I am grateful for CHO, providing me this opportunity to work for this amazing
organization. So I have chance to contribute to my society and that’s the right
thing to do for my conscience too. Here, I meet a lot of incredible and talented people. I can learn a lot by seeing what they do. 🙂
I gave up my big chance of getting an MBA scholarship to China to work for this organization. I know I cannot have it all. I think I made a right decision. One of the big challenges for me living in Poipet is the weather. The weather is very hot. The other is living with my aunt’s family. She treats me well, but there is no housekeeper to do some things for me; I have to do everything for my self. I don’t hang out a lot because I have to be home early. It’s ok for me because I have enjoyed enough of that. Before, I did whatever I wanted to do; now that I live with another family, I have to respect what they are doing for me. “No place like home” “Home! Sweet Home!” 🙂
I enjoy working for CHO as I have learnt so much from here, making friends and meeting new people. I am working with lots of visitors from western countries, so I am learning more about their culture. I now have a greater understanding about the Bible and feel happy working in contribution to the community. Working here has opened my eyes and made me realise that foreigners love and help poor Cambodian children, why don’t we love and help our own people. Even their kids are motivated to help when they see our poor children photos, they save their lunch money and send it to them here in Poipet. I particularly enjoy seeing the children of my country being taken care of and having an education, giving them opportunities. 🙂

15 Ways how the volunteering benefits you and your community: 1. Through volunteering you will learn new skills that will help you in the future
2. You will gain experience that will help your career prospects
3. You will learn new things that will help your studies
4. you will make new friends and build networks
5. You will get to know the organizations in your neighborhood and the community
6. You will learn about the development challenges in your community
7. You will become better connected and involved with your community
8. You will get to meet local leaders and other prominent people in your community and learn from their leadership and wisdom
9. Your community will develop and become a better place to live as a result of your contribution
10. You will be able to help others in need and get satisfaction when you see them happy and smiling
11. Other people will learn from you
12. Your peers, your younger brothers and sisters will get inspired by your actions
13. You can get awards and recognition for your contribution
14. Your parents and the whole community will be proud of you
15. People will remember you for your generosity and contribution
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Speech by: Mr. Douglas Broderick, United Nations Resident Coordinator in  Cambodia
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Retype by: SOK Kimheng


  1. i miss you guys!!!

    Comment by Erin — April 26, 2010 @ 5:50 am | Reply

  2. I miss your team too.

    Comment by dydara — April 29, 2010 @ 4:41 pm | Reply

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