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April 29, 2010

Experiencing village life!

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Experincing village life!
The Tearfund Transform team and I spent 3 nights at a village called Bos Thom, we stayed at Pastor Sarite’s home. We received a very warm welcome from him and his family, they were extremely hospitable and took care of our every need.
After our first night in the mornging I was surprised to be woken up by the kids playing games at 6am, they were so eager to learn English and about the bible. When we were there, the Pastor asked us to pray for his plans to build a new church, a English teacher for the school, medicine for the villagers, for a family who had their land invaded, and to build up the land around the school to stop flooding.
On the last night of our stay there, we played many games under the bright moonlight with the kids, at the end of the night they didn’t want us to leave and asked us to stay with them for a few more nights. Later that evening, we talked about the Bible with Pastor Sarite.
Unfortunately on the day that we left the village one of my friends got ill. I pray for him to get better.
I enjoyed staying at the village, I really like the fresh air and playing games with the kids. I experinced different way of life at the village. I enjoyed play general knowledge quiz with Transform team. I know among 4 of us Calum is the best in this. At first I felt anxious about going but as soon as we arrived at the village the warm welcome put me at ease.

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