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May 21, 2010

Experiencing village life again !

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I went out of town to work at a village called O’Ampil with  the Tearfund Transform team and Pastor Sarouen. I spent 2 nights there, from 18 to 20 May 2010  , we stayed at Pastor Sarath’s home. We received a very warm welcome from him and his family, they were extremely hospitable and took care of our every need.

Pastor Sarath at O'Ampil village

Pastor Sarath at O'Ampil village

Pastor Sarath has only one leg. He has really impressed me very much in what he has done to develop his community. I felt pity for him when I saw his one leg. He gave away his land to a poor family and he volunteers by running many projects by other NGOs.  For example lending small money to poor people to buy a cow in order to earn their living. All great things he has done in the name of Jesus 🙂

At this village it  is different from the other village I stayed at. There were a few children that came to visit us. We went out to spread good news to non-Christians. I translate For Transform team and I also translate for Pastor Sarouen, he was eager to learn English, he is a funny man. I work with him at the office for a few month I didn’t  realized that. I didn’t have a chance to talk and to know him well, but the 2 nights here let me know that.

Every night there, I stayed late to talk about everyday life and about Bible with Pastors Sarath and sarouen. I  have learned a lot by talking to them.

I enjoyed staying at the village and I feel peaceful there, I really like the fresh air and playing games with the kids. I enjoy the food there. I experienced a different way of life at the villages. At first I felt anxious about going but as soon as we arrived at the village the warm welcome put me at ease.


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