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October 26, 2010

How to Find Your Soulmate

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This topic is dedicated to my loved one. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. It is my honor to know you. You’re one of the best gifts that ever happened to my life. Thanks for being such a wonderful person for me. I am madly, deeply, truely, Passionately in love with you. An angel brought you to me. I’m proud of that! 🙂

Every life in dis world has been painted by God’s own hands. Dat’s y I’m thankful b’cos wen He painted my life, He included 1 Lovely color! Dat’s u. 😉 Love gives, love shares, love blesses, love cares.

To my ex-gf.

Do you know what love is?
It’s a kind of feeling. Lovers would share the same thought, and miss
each other. Share sorrow and Happiness, and Keep the others in
mind. That’s love.

♥jweet mes! 😀

You make my life so rich you know you could’ve been some money. And baby you’re so sweet you know you could have been some honey.

How many Soul Mates  you can find on this planet? If I found the ♥love of my life, I wouldn’t stand there like an idiot, whispering in a garden. I would just try my best to get that and I’d have the courage to seize it.

Soul mate – someone who knows you inside out. Someone who understands; someone who cares. Someone who is like no other.


A great relationship is when you feel completely at home with another person. You can talk to them about anything and you don’t need to always be kissing them to feel happy. They bring out the best in you, and make you a better person.

Every time I was with my ex-lover, in that moment it was as if we became one person.


Many people feel that there’s one person out there who can enrich your life in a way that no one else can. If this is true, how can you increase your chances of finding this person? And when you meet him or her, how will you know it’s your soul mate?

What if we were made for each other. Born to become best friends and lovers. I want to stay right here in this moment with you over over and over again. What if this could be a real love, a love. I don’t know what to think is this real or just a dream? In my heart is where you’ll be. I’ll keep wating till we meet.

My favorite romantic love words (sweetest words) If I could have just one wish I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin and the feel of your heart beating with mine….. Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.

Never say I love u if u don’t really care, never talk about feelings if they aren’t really there,

never hold my hand if you are gonna to break my heart,
never say you are going to…..if you don’t plan to start.

Till Death Do Us Part!

These things are hurtful, so handle it carefully!

I've heard of "soul mate" before but I never knew they could exist until I met you.

I've heard of "soul mate♥" before but I never knew they could exist until I met you♥.

Until not too long ago, I didn’t quite believe in the idea of ‘soulmates’. It’s not like I didn’t think people could have soulmates…it’s just that I never thought I would ever have one. I never expected to come across anyone who would be so….perfect.

I love the idea of soul mates now. Of finding that one person who mates your soul.
Who are these people then? They don’t come with a halo over their heads or flashbulbs across their chest… These are normal everyday people who have the knack to really open up to you…the ability to make you open up unconditionally. And it is a two-way thing…like, to the world both of you may appear to be a block of marble. some people might urge you to carve into a horse…others might say you would make an exquisite rabbit. But it is only the two of you who know what the other’s marble really holds. So, your soulmate knows your true potential. And trusts you to realize it even if others can’t really see it yet. They are gonna be there till all the extra bits fall off. They are gonna be there to add what needs to be added. And you do the same for them. Knowingly and unknowingly…

♥Happiness and sweet.♥


Make yourself a better person. Instead of waiting for your soul mate to appear, make yourself apparent to him or her. Become the spectacular human being you want to be. Expressing your individuality is the closest you can come to advertising your soulmate potential. Not only will you stand out, but you’ll also be doing things that are more likely to bring you closer to your soulmate, who probably has similar interests and goals.

Remember that your soulmate might not be what you expect. If there’s only one person in the world who can be your soulmate, what are the chances that she’ll live in your town, look like the people you grew up with, or even speak the same language? If you’re expecting your soulmate to be love at first sight, you might never find what you’re looking for. So keep an open mind. Part of the romance of having a soulmate is being pleasantly surprised.

Be Patient. Fate doesn’t work on a schedule. Your soulmate might cross your path when you’re 8 or 80 years old. Yes, you might look forward to spending the majority of your life with your soulmate–perhaps buying a house, getting married, starting a family–but it may or may not be in the cards. A soulmate isn’t always a lifemate. Your soul mate will color your world no matter how old you are, so don’t rush into things, or else you might end up forcing the wrong person into the soulmate box, which will cause pain for everyone involved.

Accept people for who they are, not who you want them to be. When you’ve got all these fantasies flying around in your head about how wonderful and special your soulmate will be, it can be easy to look for those specific characteristics and features in anyone you get involved with. Unfortunately, unrealistic expectations can ruin a relationship, and might even chase your soul mate away. Whoever it is that you think might be your soulmate, appreciate their individuality and trust that if this person is your soulmate, they’ll never need to change who they are for you, just like you’ll never need to change who you are for them.

Weather the storms. Contrary to what popular media would have you believe, meeting your soulmate doesn’t guarantee “happily ever after.” Things won’t get easier when you find that special someone and in fact, they might get even harder. Ultimately, a soul mate is someone you can grow with, and the only way to grow together is to face challenges together. So if you put your heart and soul into a relationship, stick with it through the ups and downs, even when you question whether it’s meant to be, and you might look back decades later and realize that you were with your soulmate all along.


Find yourself before you find your soulmate. Once you’re happy with yourself, a soulmate will make you even happier, but no one can fill a void created by not knowing who you are. Only you can do that.

  • The more people you meet, the more likely you are to meet your soulmate, so try and talk to as many people as possible. You never know if the next person you talk to could be yours soulmate.
  • Pursue interests and activities that mean a lot to you. The Internet has made this a whole lot easier. Check forums, listings, classifieds, and Internet mailing lists (known as “listservs”) for local events or meetings that are likely to attract people with similar interests or passions.
  • Don’t be too picky. If you keep holding out for the perfect person, you’re guaranteed to miss out. If you’re in a room full of people with similar interests, you should be able to pick out one or two people who you’d like to date–not 10, not 0. Make it a point to not leave the event without showing interest and making a connection with a few people.
  • When you meet someone who feels like soulmate potential, don’t get carried away. It’s so easy to get lost in fantasies of how awesome your relationship might be, but with those fantasies come high expectations, and sometimes those expectations are unrealistic! Make it a point to remind yourself that this new person is human, which means they’re not perfect. They will make mistakes, and you need to be ready to cope and forgive, rather than act shocked that the person dares to be anything but perfect.
  • While you’re waiting for your soulmate, people might questions why you’re single. They might even imply that something is “wrong” with you if you’re “still” single. Brace yourself for that kind of ignorance. Remember that you don’t have to defend your being single, just like it’s rude to attack the validity of someone’s relationship. When we are speaking about love, it’s never too late.
  • Have you ever wanted or looked for something, but only found it when you stopped looking? The same principle might work for finding your soul mate. Become so busy with your life that you totally forget about meeting your soulmate and, odds are, that’s when your soulmate will pop up.


  • If you’re with someone who is manipulative or abusive in any way, rest assured that you are NOT with your soul-mate. Break it off as quickly as possible, or else you might never meet your soulmate because you’re too busy dealing with an unhealthy relationship.
  • Don’t obsess over finding your soulmate. Coming off as needy and desperate for love is not attractive to a soulmate–or anyone else, for that matter!
  • Don’t confuse chemistry with destiny. When you meet someone you’re intensely attracted to, everything in your body could be telling you that this is your soulmate, but that could be hormones and lust talking. Remember that your soulmate could be someone who you already know but never even considered romantically.
  • There’s a danger in being so idealistic that you overlook basic safety precautions and red flags. Remember that there are still hurtful people out there who will take advantage of your hopefulness and use it against you. If, for example, all your friends and family think a particular person is not a good match for you, don’t brush them off. They might be onto something.

    Romantic sunset! :)

    ♥Romantic sunset! I hope you can find your soul mate♥


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  1. i think i might be losing my mind. I found someone whom i desire but it’s funny cause its through cyber.We met like seven months back. I remember when i told her that i loved her she said we cant date but i knew there was something between us two. I truly love her and it makes me wanna cry sometimes. She’s far from were i live. What should i do? I dont know whether i should date with someone else or not.

    Comment by anonymous — December 1, 2011 @ 4:41 am | Reply

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