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November 6, 2010

The real learners

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good words

Kulen Mountain 08.11.2010

A great man once said “Life is hard. It’s even harder…if you’re stupid”. So it’s important indeed to keep your head chill buddy, you’re not that stupid.

Life is a great teacher, somethings you only learn by experience in life and no book can teach you that! 🙂

It is the foundation of the building. Education is the foundation of life.

I have written this topic, it is not about impressing anyone. It is about sharing with someone who likes reading, improving my English and I can remember something as well. I just want to put my knowledge to good use every day. I trust that you will enjoy and benefit from reading this blog, just as I did. Thank you so much Bunchhay for correcting my grammatical errors. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.♥.

I was a broken heart man who needs mending.  Recently I have felt pretty awesome after reading many articles, writing several topics and hanging out with my friends. These things made me started to enjoy my old life. I just realized that there are so many wonderful things for me to enjoy. Life is filled with Pretty Things, enjoy them! Time heals all pain.



I have multifarious interests, reading is on of them.

I ♥love reading

The real learners know the value of knowledge, which they have tendency toward improved their self. They are so humble and very open minded to learn from others and think that everyone can be their teachers. Everywhere is school, school without roof. Most learning is not the result of instruction; it is rather the result of participation, in a meaningful setting. With our ever-accelerating speed of change in both knowledge and technology, it is clear that we adults have a choice: We either continue to learn throughout our lives, or we allow our skills and knowledge to quickly slide into obsolescence. The same principle applies to companies: Those who fail to continually teach and train employees quickly slide into obsolescence. That is why I am a believer in life-long learning. Love of learning is the guide of life.

What is Lifelong Learning?

Lifelong learning is the process of keeping your mind and body engaged—at any age—by actively pursuing knowledge and experience.

While many companies encourage lifelong learning in their employees to keep their skills up-to-date, you don’t need a job to enjoy lifelong learning. In fact, learning something just for fun can be a more rewarding experience.

I am a fun-loving person. But I am mistakenly judged by people who don’t truly know me. it is not all about having fun, it’s about learning, experiencing and exploring life.

While writting this topic, I have also understand the topic even more clearly.

The day you stop learning is the day you stop improving yourself. If you don’t want to fail in life, make you sure you stop acting as though you already know everything. The fact is, all successful people are people who continuously learn to be even more successful. They don’t stop. Let me put it in this perspective – you don’t know what you don’t know, you know?

To see the topic called “self-improvementclick here


In my life I have learned a lot of wise words, but I am not a wise person. Wise men may not be learned; learned men may not be wise. Wise men are a person who uses the mind creatively and they made the right decision. These words are really useful for my life. I think I can have a happy life and true contentment in life because of these words. Learning made me the simply pleasant man I am today. If you can apply them in your life, it will be very useful for you as well. Quotations help us remember the simple yet profound truths that give life perspective and meaning. When it comes to life’s most important lessons, we can all use gentle reminders. This is a gentle and heartfelt guide to the fundamentals of living a life rich in joy and contribution. The question is how we can relate it on our daily life?

You can’t get too much done in life if you only working on the days when you feel good. You can’t broaden your knowledge if you only read what you like.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
— Aristotle
Find out your weak point and improve on it. For me. My leadership is not good. so I’ve read a lot about it. And also about anger management. Believe me, not everyone can understand and apply the words in their life. They can read but some people can’t apply them in their life. If they don’t have tendency to improve their self. The words I’ve posted is just a piece of words, but to some people, it is very useful words. Not everyone! depending on people’s tendency.

If I came across anything in my reading that I wished to remember I would write it down on paper, in my phone, or on my laptop. All these are for reading
then it will make sense when it practically comes to life.

To youths who read this I have this message: You should have self-discipline, effort, academic achievement, social participation and community service. Listen to your parents and do as much as you can. Just be the best you can be “For your parents’ sake.” If you can do most of these things, your parents will proud of you!

Everyone cannot succeed in everything they do, but just keep trying. Failing does not mean the end of everything. You should keep your self-belief, find out your weak point and improve on it. Failing to achieve is not a failure, but losing your hope and motivation is a true failure. Have you got a goal? Make sure it is positively worded, get the Child on your side, and imagine a moment in time when you’ve achieved it. Finally, visualize how you got there: what was the first step? Now you know where to start, chances are you’ll end up getting what you really want.

What I am saying here is not teaching you. I am not qualified to teach anyone, but I just want to share some ideas with you guys, audiences! I hope, You could learn a bit more on my ideas.

For your own good and for my own good! Live my life to the fullest!!! Nothing more, nothing less. :)

People are born with blindness so we need good books and teachers to guide our way. Learning and considering can help human become true human. Learning is the process of opening your mind to all information or knowledge. We have to think and try to understand it clearly. That can change your bad vision and behavior to better. Everything works best like opening Parachute. What we know today will be out of date tomorrow. If we stop learning, we stuck.

Real educated person is using knowledge with consciousness in a good way. Sometimes our learning can’t see by bare eyes or can’t use in any situations. But it has good influence on our thinking, change your vision and make you realize the value from one perspective to others.  It can expand your understanding from one to many things. In history, we can learn something from the past and prevent them from happening again in the present and in the future. I think if we don’t have enough knowledge of something, we cannot understand it. That is why to understand something we have to take a long time of learning.

Don’t get bad influence from your reading. Too much of something is not good. The person who reads too much and uses his brain too little will fall into lazy habits of thinking.—Albert Einstein

On facebook, I can learn about people’s personalities. I have curiosity on personality. Curiosity is a gift, a capacity of pleasure in knowing, which if you destroy, you make yourself cold and dull. But don’t curious about other people’s affairs! Lesson Learned :)

I can learn from movies or TV dramas. For me it is not just for entertaining but learning as well. If we can learn the good characters of Leading actor and Leading actress, It would be great. They are so strong, kind, sweet and many more of good manners. The good directors of movie can make the audience cry when he or she want and make the audience laugh when they do. That’s called a good director of movie.

No offense to anyone, in my opinion ” Someone who went to school and had social participations will speak and behave differently from those who didn’t.”

I love to travel. We can learn something from our travel. We only get one life so we owe it to ourselves to see as much of this beautiful world as possible. For many of us, lying on a beach for two weeks each year is just not enough anymore. We want to see ancient monuments, extraordinary scenery, endangered wildlife, foreign culture, architecture and art- Places that give us the chance to grow and expand our horizons.

I have one story to share here. A CEO of one company thought that people have high responsibilities and want to improve themselves. That is why we don’t need strict rules. We just respect, value their good work and give freedom to them. They will show appropriate behavior back. So he gets rid of rule for working hours sign. But in fact, his employees didn’t come to work on time and leave early. Because of these results he started to use that rule again.

People are not always stick to good behavior. They take advantage over others. That’s why we need strict rule to control people. Don’t break the law; the law is not for breaking.

Degree is not making a man; it is a man who makes himself. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate someone who gets high education. What I am trying to say here is if you can’t afford or don’t have time to pursue your study. You can learn by yourself.

Private employers spend $210 billion a year for training, while the government spends an additional $5 billion. Are these training programs doing the job? Some are; some are not. Highly effective adult learning requires certain conditions. The question is what are those conditions?

Results revealed that adults can and do experience significant personal growth at mid-life. However, adult students grew significantly only in one type of learning environment; they tended not to grow or to regress in another type.

Students have different learning styles–characteristic strengths and preferences in the ways they take in and process information. Some students tend to focus on facts, data, and algorithms; others are more comfortable with theories and mathematical models. Some respond strongly to visual forms of information, like pictures, diagrams, and schematics; others get more from verbal forms–written and spoken explanations. Some prefer to learn actively and interactively; others function more introspectively and individually.

Functioning effectively in any professional capacity, however, requires working well in all learning style modes. For example, competent engineers and scientists must be observant, methodical, and careful (characteristics of the sensing style in one of the learning style models to be described) as well as innovative, curious, and inclined to go beyond facts to interpretation and theory (characteristics of the intuitive style in that model). Similarly, they must develop both visual and verbal skills. Information routinely comes in both forms, and much of it will be lost to someone who cannot function well in both of these modes.

If professors teach exclusively in a manner that favors their students’ less preferred learning style modes, the students’ discomfort level may be great enough to interfere with their learning. On the other hand, if professors teach exclusively in their students’ preferred modes, the students may not develop the mental dexterity they need to reach their potential for achievement in school and as professionals.

An objective of education should thus be to help students build their skills in both their preferred and less preferred modes of learning. Learning style models that categorize these modes provide good frameworks for designing instruction with the desired breadth. The goal is to make sure that the learning needs of students in each model category are met at least part of the time.

“Reading = Learning” Bunchhay

“All these are for reading then it will make sense when it practically comes to life” Bong Sal

No need to thank mehelp what we can with others in need…the world is ONE big family!

With my BFF Bunchhay

Thank you so much Bunchhay for correcting my grammatical errors. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.

Thanks again man makes this possible for me.

Love for All and Sharing is the first step to solving all the problems of humanity.

Learning made me the simply pleasant man I am today 🙂

Any tip on how to be a real learner, please leaves a comment. Thanks♥.


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