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February 14, 2011

How Not to be Jealous

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I don’t like feeling angry, being envious or hold a grudge against anyone!. When I have that, I’ll feel unhappy. I always made my feeling as clear as water. It’s not in my character to be jealous.

A person jealous that the other received gifts.


Feeling unhappy because of another’s possessions or luck.

How not to be jealous is one such question which cannot be answered in one sentence. It requires a lot of effort to bring about changes in the thought process so that one can get rid of jealous feelings. This article can serve as a guide for you on how not to be jealous. No one has escaped this sweet evil that can turn bitter in no time. Jealousy can kill the most beautiful and perfect relationship. Hence, get over it before it manifests into an obsession that consumes your life. As Maya Angelou says, jealousy in a relationship is like salt in the food. A little can enhance the savor and too much can spoil the pleasure. Jealousy in a relationship is the reward of love in the initial days of the relationship, but later on dealing with jealousy starts to become a major problem for both the partners. People get so irritated at times, that they even come to the decision of ending the relationship.

Are You a Jealous Lover?


All of us have felt jealous for one reason or the other. Jealousy is an extremely negative feeling and it cause a lot of harm to us. It can break friendships, ruin a relationship and block success in the future. Jealousy comes to our mind when we have insecurities and negative feelings about ourselves. We all want to get rid of jealousy but do not know how not to be jealous of other people. Being jealous is normal but it becomes harmful when it takes control over our mind and thoughts. We should not allow it because then it blocks positive thoughts in our mind and we may have to face some dire consequences in future for that. 

How Not to be Jealous of a Friend

You should feel lucky if you have friends in your life. They are the real assets who will stay with you forever through thick and thin. We tend to feel jealous of the achievements of our friends. If you break a friendship only because of jealousy, then it will be an immense loss for you. You will realize that once your friend is gone. Therefore, try to feel genuine happiness for the success that your friend has achieved. One way of getting rid of jealous feelings is ignoring all such thoughts that lead to comparisons between the things that you do not have but your friend has. Make a conscious effort not to let those negative thoughts enter your mind. When you are not thinking about them, then the question of jealousy does not even arise.

How Not to be Jealous in a Relationship

Jealousy can pose a big threat to the steady relationship that you and your partner have been enjoying. You can stop feeling jealous about your partner if you can identify the reason that makes you feel jealous. The reasons could be one or many. Take a piece of paper and write down serially what were the occasions when you felt jealous about your partner. Once you have identified all possible reasons, try to overcome those reasons one by one. You may feel the urge to conquer all of them in one go. That will be too much of a burden for you and so it is better to address each of the issues one at a time. You may find that the real problem could be lying within you and not in your partner. It is mostly found that lack of self esteem and low self confidence leads to jealousy. Therefore, take all possible measures that can help you to boost up your self confidence. To know more read on how to stop being jealous.

How Not to be Jealous of Your Boyfriend

There is no better feeling in the world than being in love. So you cannot afford to be jealous of someone you truly love. When you feel jealous of your boyfriend, then there must be some kind of insecurities that exist in your relationship. Just keep in mind that to truly love somebody, you have to love yourself first. If you love yourself, only then can you love someone else. Therefore, learn to accept the kind of person you are and respect yourself for that. This will help you to get rid of your own insecurities and you will become a more secured person. As a result, you will feel happy, you will have a healthy relationship and your life will be beautiful.

How Not to be Jealous of Your Boyfriend’s Ex

You will feel start feeling jealous of your boyfriend’s ex girlfriend when you think that she is better than you. It may happen that every time your boyfriend speaks to his ex, you feel anxiety and agitation within yourself. If you let this feeling grow, then it will cause more harm to you and your relationship than anyone else. Understand your true value in the relationship. Start believing that you are the most important person in his life and so he will not even think about abandoning you for her. Maintain an open communication with your boyfriend about his ex so that you can get to know why and when your boyfriend will interact with his ex. Thus, if you see your boyfriend with his ex, you will not have the fear of losing him.

How Not to be Jealous of Your Husband

Marriage is a strong bond based upon mutual trust and understanding. If you do not trust your husband, you marriage is not going to work. If there is some jealousy in your marriage that you feel towards your husband then you should look out for the insecurities in your marital relationship. Make some changes in your life so that you can feel good about yourself. This positive feeling will help you to get rid of jealousy and add strength to your relationship. There could be certain aspects of your relationship that are bothering you which make you feel jealous of your husband. Talk to him about that and you may find all the misunderstandings between you two gone and the matter resolved in no time.

Now you know how not to be jealous of others. When you are happy and content with what you have and do, then there will be no room for jealousy in your life. Understand the value and importance of the people in your life and it will make you feel how fortunate you are.



  1. Damn it! I thought that post said “How not to be Jesus”, which would’ve been genuinely informative, since Jesus lived a tragic life. Perhaps He was mislead by the job description.

    Comment by Jang-chub Ozer — March 13, 2011 @ 9:53 am | Reply

  2. My gf&i recently broke up after an 11 month stint&got back 2gether about a wk later. I was living w/her 4 that period.needless 2 say i got my own appartment but i was helping her pay her bills cause she does not have a job~still doesn’t.i also pay her utilities&rent&whenever i nd her help she is always @ her frndz house helping them out (a couple) she never has time 2 help me when i nd her the most but she always makes time 4 them. I cant rely on her 2 help me when i nd her wgat do i do?

    Comment by Jsyn — February 18, 2014 @ 8:54 am | Reply

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