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March 11, 2011

Life is wonderful or Life sucks

My condolences to Japanese people, I feel horrified, devastated, in shock to watch powerful quake hits Japan. May God bless Japan and every nations on earth. 11 March 2011

This blog is dedicated to my lovely parents and friends. Thank you so much for everything that my parents and friends have done for me. Thanks for being such a wonderful parents for me. I have been taught and energised, and they have touched my heart. I’m proud of that. Thanks to my parents who have done many good things to me and have added value to me. I would like to show my gratitude and appreciate towards my parents, who forebear pain and discomfort in bringing me up to adulthood. I will always be indebted to them. My Mother, My Hero: The most special person in my life! My Parents are the best gifts that ever happened to my life. I’m proud of that. I am most proud of my parents. Because of them, I have been able to live the life I want to. I love spending time with family! I love my parents with all my♥heart♥

Youth is a once in a lifetime gift. Make it memorable… and meaningful. Love me for who I am, not who I was.

This blog is also dedicated to all those who wish to empower their lives through the use of self-improvement messages. Please feel free to explore. I hope you will find something that inspires you.

You might be wondering why I am so passionate about writing. The thing I love about writing a blog is that it allows me to talk to many people I will never personally meet.
I had a passion to add value to what people have taught me and energized me to write.
I have written this blog, it is not about impressing anyone. It is about sharing with someone who likes reading, improving my English and I can remember something as well.
The thing that are rewarding to me now is I can move on and have a true contentment in life.

My father always said “If you don’t swim you don’t feel tired.” He means if I don’t explore life I am not going to know what life is. He also means Life Is A Great Teacher. These words really meet up with my view. You’ve probably heard the saying that diversity is the spice of life. It means go to different places, meet different people, and see different things.

Life is a great teacher!

This is the last topic for the writing part of my first year of blogging as a hobby. Would love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments. 🙂

I created my blog on 14 March 2010.

My name is Dy Dara, from Cambodia. I am 27 years old. I do not wish to be any other age because my life at 13 was nowhere as exciting and enjoyable as my life at 27. I enjoy every aspect of life. I am the kind of man who has a thousand kind of men in one body, so that’s make me become not a man of so boring person and The never boring life of me with a thousand ideas.

Happiness, for me, is defined by the way we think. If I think I am the one of the happiest men on earth, I am. I know it’s hard to have people think like I do. Sometimes I cannot find true contentment in life as well. But that’s how a meaningful life consists of every aspect of life, good or bad.

Life is wonderful! Why? there are so many reasons that I and you can think of that makes our life wonderful. For me I am so blessed to have my lovely parents and I’m so grateful for the family and so many friends that love me and care about.

Or I can think “life sucks!” I just turned 27 a few months ago. I still have no sense of direction. I now realize that I am 3 years away from 30. Not that 30 is old. I’m just not where I want to be in my life right now. No real job to do, I just help out in my parents’ biz. I don’t like to work for other people, I ain’t big on having a boss. 🙂 that’s how my life is at present…I do not know what I’m doing, where I’m going, or even who I am. Many things I thought I was certain of have now become questionable.

Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have. Dale Carnegie

Philosophy has always been regarded as a means of discovering the secret of happiness. What really is that has the amazing power to make us happy? That gives us joy, pleasure, enormous satisfaction?
The question is how we can relate it on our daily life?
Remember that failure and disappointment are a part of life.
If you get only happiness then you don’t feel its value, do you?

Do you have favorite quotes that you depend upon in a crisis, special quotes that motivate you to move forward, quotes that you are teaching your children?
For me: No matter how hard it is, that time will pass! :D
My favorite Khmer saying:

រឹង សូមអោយ រឹងប៉ឹង មិនមែន រឹងរូស

បើ ទន់ សូមអោយ ទន់ភ្លន់ មិនមែន ទន់ជ្រាយ។

អស់កម្លាំងចិត្ដ នាំអោយអស់សង្ឃឹម នាំអោយអស់ភាពតស៊ូ!!!

Because of my blog, I’ve learned something about human behavior:

Have You Ever Wondered Why people act the way they do or you behave as you behave?

Everyone behaves the way that they do because they are acting through a filter of the rocks (values, assumptions, beliefs, and expectations) that they carry around.

To see this interesting topic @

When you are happy, you live a day. When you are not, you still live one day. Why don’t we make that day a happy day! 🙂

There are a lot of problems with living a life designed to fit everyone else’s expectations of you, though. The top three, as I see it, are:

.You can’t please everyone
.Their expectations may be based on a narrow, inaccurate view of you
.Your values could be wildly different from theirs.



Everybody is capable of doing something great in their life; they either don’t believe in themselves or think it’s impossible to make a difference. Many people worked so hard to get big name on the international stage. The greatest people of all time started out alone, trying to make a difference… and they did. You can too…

Everyone cannot succeed in everything they do, but just keep trying. Failing does not mean the end of everything. You should keep your self-belief, find out your weak point and improve on it. Failing to achieve is not a failure, but losing your hope and motivation is a true failure. What I am saying here is not teaching you. I am not qualified to teach anyone, but I just want to share some ideas with you guys, audiences!

Thank you! 😀

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  1. Life’s a great teacher, but it takes humility to learn. Remember also that “teacher” spells “cheater”.

    Comment by Jang-chub Ozer — March 13, 2011 @ 9:49 am | Reply

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