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August 15, 2011

They are not worth it!

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They are not worth it!

Based on true story:

You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.

Once upon a time, there was a small-town boy after he finished high school in his hometown, he went to university in Phnom Penh. His parents bought him a house and a car after studying in Phnom Penh for a while. While he lived in the city, he made a lot of friends. One of his biggest challenges living in the capital city was that he lived alone, only with a housekeeper. But it was ok he could take care of himself. Living outside of the home he felt he needed friends and a girlfriend. He liked being around people. Sometimes, his friends came to have party and sleep-over at the boy’s house. The man had one beautiful girlfriend and he loved his girlfriend with all his heart. Every time he is with his lover, in that moment it was as if they became one person. They were so in love with each other. The girl was one of the best gifts that ever happened to his life. He had the most incredible time with her. He really had. He’s so proud of that. He had great love chemistry with his partner. A great relationship is when you feel completely at home with another person. You can talk to them about anything and you don’t need to always be kissing them to feel happy. They bring out the best in you, and make you a better person. Here come to the sad part. Because of some reasons they broke up.  As this relationship came to an end, as most things do. He was a broken heart man who felt hopeless. This person can’t believe himself that he was an optimist who had too much optimism in almost anything but when it comes to grief of relationship breakup, he could not overcome it. He can get enough of everything, but he cannot get enough of his lover.

He was grief and felt his life was meaningless. Starting to go out every night he could not find any girl like her. One day he and his other two friends parked his car waited to meet one person, but there was one car drove by very rich person, that man wanted to hit with the boy’s car. The rich man drove very fast toward the grief man’s car but he put on his brakes. That time the boy was fearless. He was the kind of guy, you put a gun to his head and his pulse wouldn’t break 70. He has enjoyed his life enough so he doesn’t value his life. This person was not scare but he wanted to hit with that car, but in that moment he was thinking of his two friends who was with him and what he wanted to do will cause a huge grief to his family. He also thought “The driver is not worth it and I will not do anything stupid. No one was crazy enough to mess with that rich man. He just thought that rich man was lucky if he had final cancer stage he would end up his life with that driver. If something wrong happened that day, you would not read this story.

The moral of the story:

All the bad people, they are not worth your problem. You should have the courage to walk away from unnecessary conflict.

Be patient because one moment of impatience can ruin a whole life.  

“If you can control one moment of anger, you can escape hundred days of sorrow”

We need to consider our actions and what the consequences will be.

One life is connected to many hearts. When you have a problem or lose your life, it can damage the heart of your friends, loved one, relatives and especially your parents.

“Sometimes you have to lose something, to realize what you had.” In other words, you don’t know how it feels to lose a loved one until it happened. If you want to keep a great relationship last long, you have to work hard. Also, sometimes you have to sacrifice, so as to fulfill your dream. You have to grab the chance. If you don’t grab the chance, it’ll be gone.  

 “Treat everyone with politeness even those who are rude to you, not because they are not nice but because you are nice!” If you do the same as them, you’re no different from them. 

 From the author’s point of view: I’ve made a lot mistakes in my life but I’ve learned from them, lesson learned. There’s more to learn. Don’t copy my bad actions. What’s done cannot be UNDONE.

When I hurt myself from drinking too much alcohol, I realized that I didn’t know how to take care myself. Take care mean be careful, don’t get into trouble, take a good care of myself. It basically means to eat healthy, and live healthily so I don’t get sick from neglecting my needs or health. And also the obvious things like not to do anything potentially dangerous. I used to drink alcohol a lot and I could not sleep at regular time and I thought I am a man, it was ok. Right now I know it is not about proving myself a man, it is about taking a good care of myself. If I am not taking care of my health, I will hurt myself. From now on I will take a good care of myself.

You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough. Life is a great teacher! There’s a lot to live for in this life. Life is an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts! Youth is a once in a lifetime gift. Make it memorable and meaningful. 

 Before, I was a dare-devil when I got drunk and sad, I drove very fast, it could get me killed and others too, without realizing the value of life. That was the stupidest thing I did. ហេងដែរឆ្លងផុត!!! Now, no more.

Taking a good care of your life, my friends! Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.

 With Gratitude,


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