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September 5, 2011

My closest friend

He is like a brother to me. "A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have."

My sincere appreciation to my best buddy! 🙂

This topic is dedicated to my closest friend, Suon Try with love. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for your help and always being there for me. It is my honor to know you. I have been taught and energised, and they have touched my heart. I’m proud of that. I would like to show my gratitude and appreciate towards my dearest friend. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend for me. 

I just wanted… no, had to tell you how much you mean to me. I don’t know what I would do without a great friend like you. You are the number one best buddy I have ever had. Without you my pathetic life would not be worth living. I would climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea, and walk across the hottest desert just to tell you how incredibly special your friendship is to me.

I’m not sure what to say, but I want you to know I care.

I feel honor and gratitude to him for always ask me to join his trips, even though I have a little money.

My easy-going nature accepts more people into my life, but I choose to hang out with easy-going and understanding people only. Some friends are not easy to be their friends and some people are bad for my life! I don’t belong to difficult people world, and they don’t belong to mine.

I love him the most out of my friends. I will tell you what made him unique. He is someone I can turn to for help.

He is my homeboy. I have known this man for 14 years and maybe since 1997.  I hang out with him many times and we don’t even have a small argument. But some friends I just hang out with them a few time, I had some argument. I try to think something is wrong with me. I just realized that my personality is still like a mirror, whatever you did in front of it, you would see it reflected back at you. When my friends yell at me I will yell at them back. If they don’t provoke me first I will not provoke them. Some friends like to blame me if something is wrong, I am not kind of pointing finger person who like to blame others, I am just trying to sort it out. They keep mentions about his good deeds to me. Some friends like to talk behind me even defame about me. Usually, I am easy-going person, but with difficult people, I behave like difficult person to them. I will get rid of the friends that bad for my life. Other qualities she has that make him an outstanding man. He has not only has kind manner but also the way he is so nice to people. There was once time, he saw accident on the road, he stopped his car to help victims. Try is a kind man. I can get on well with him.

He is my soulmate.My closest friend’s family. Travelling with him enables me to learn somethings. When I travel with my friend’s family, it is not only about having fun but also learning something. For example, I observe how my friend raises his son and how he behaves towards his wife. So I can learn from him how to be a good father and good husband. 

My closest friend's family. My SBFF= Super Best Friend Forever. 18.03.2011

Remember, those whose lives you have touched and whose have touched yours are always a part of you!

I value friendship very much: Friends are an essential ingredient for happiness, and that we need their permanent company -when we eat, walk, or feel the need for conversation.

We’re buddies through thick and thin! 
Friends are supposed to stick together through thick or thin.

You know your true friend when you are in most need. A friend is person who stands by you when you are feeling down.

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”

Remember almost all the fun times we had together.

I can be a good friend if my friends are kind, honest, forgive and not pointing finger. It takes kind, honest, forgive, and value friendship for achieving a long lasting friendship. 
Here is to the ties that bind and friendship. 

I drink coffee with him almost every afternoon. His nickname is Bao

I always talk about my problems at coffee shop. He is truly understanding person and he can give good ideas to me. An understanding person is someone who understands others and doesn’t judge them in any way, gives a person time alone when he or she needs it, doesn’t insult someone who’s just been hurt or stepped on, comforts others while giving them good advice that’s an understanding person to me. I don’t have girlfriend for the last few years but his company make me don’t feel much lonely. He inspires me! 🙂 

I believe that is the way a best friend should really be as well. Friends like that, these days, are very hard to find though. Seems sometimes people forget what being a friend really should be. Once again I absolutely love him.

If you’ve met or seen him personally, you know he’s a larger-than-life personality.

What a coincident! Speak of the devil (means a reference to someone who appears unexpectedly while being talked about.) He came to my house while I was writing this topic.

It is my honor to know you, Try. With lots of ♥love and hopes to a long lasting friendship. You are in my mind and in my heart. I’m Glad to have you! Just wanted to remind you how special you are!

With Gratitude,


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