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Love Knows No Boundaries

I publish it especially for my dream girl’s birthday! 🙂 I was really excited by just the thought of the pictures and the words I wanted to include here! 😀

About 20 years ago today, one of the most beautiful women gave birth to the most wonderful woman I have ever known.

To her I say: Thanks. Thanks for raising such a wonderful, caring, sensitive, and strong woman. Thanks for teaching her what’s right and what’s wrong. Thanks for showing her that love and affection are wonderful things to have and to give in life. 

To my special friend I say: Happy Birthday to you, my dream girl! I’m so glad you were born, because you brighten my life and fill it with joy. You are the perfect girl I have ever met. I love you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow! You are always in my mind and in my heart. You are very charismatic, beautiful, smart, talented, and seems almost the most ideal female.  I’ve always liked you!

This novel is also dedicated to Suon Sopheaktra! Thank you so much for correcting my grammatical errors. It’s very kind of you to help me in this matter. I couldn’t have done it without you! You saved my day. I appreciate that 😀

I do love June! 😀

 I only have my heart as a gift for you, do you want it? If you don’t want my heart and then throw it away. But I want to tell you something, the one who get hurt is not me, but you! You know why? Because you are in my♥heart! 😀


Love Knows No Boundaries: Part 1

This is my first fiction romance novel

A story based on true events and true feelings! 😀

This story is about the man who has one-sided love and he is so obsessed with his dream girl. A Cambodian man falls in love with his foreign friend. He believes a friend can turn into a lover. It sounds impossible to the one who never try. Don’t wait until it’s too late to tell someone how much you love, how much you care. Because when they’re gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry, they won’t hear you anymore. There is no going back. Try it! If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

Written By: Dy Dara

There is a story behind this picture! Who can tell me after reading this story in one sentence which is best describe author’s idea.

This story is dedicated to my special friend June with love. I just wanted to show her my affection. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my beloved friend for her lovely personality. I’ve always liked you. The story makes me understand “Love can happened, everyone have right to love but not everyone can own it.” Never mind people that don’t understand. They will once when they go through the same thing.

It’s a valuable piece of work for me, the time and the thought I spent writing this story. I hope she will understand my sincere appreciation to her. She is the perfect girl I’ve ever met.
After the many hours that I’ve put into it, it will surely remind me that I’ll forever keep her in my memory. Something that means a lot to me means nothing to others. Remember, those whose lives you have touched and who have touched yours are always a part of you! Just want you to know how I am feeling about you.  I didn’t expect anything from you. “Expect Nothing And You Won’t Be Disappointed.” This is what I always keep in my mind. Oh, but I still have one favor to ask you, “one date” If you ignore this again, it’s ok, I used to that. 😀 I am good at seeing the humor on my hurtful situations.

If you’ve ever read this saying “A man can love a million girls, but only real man who can love one girl in a million ways” then you’ll know how the man feels. He loves one girl, he loves her with all his heart and love everything about her, the way she smiles, the way she walks, the way she talks and even when she ignores him, he still likes her.

Have you ever heard about love moves in mysterious ways? It happened to the man in this story.

“Not a day goes by I don’t think about two people and two journeys! The two people are my ex-lover and the girl of my dreams. And the journeys are SSEAYP and peace boat, the journey in my dreams. The ex-lover and SSEAYP are the past which can’t come back, but you know, in life, the first act, always exciting. The girl of my dreams and the journey in my dreams are just the dreams. But these dreams give me smile and hope!” The obsessed man said.

The story begins on the day when two fellow of youth camp, Lee and June, two good friends, were grouped together on a bus going somewhere. They don’t have anything much in common. The man is very extrovert and the girl is more of discreet and very decent girl. Love is funny, isn’t it? They participated in Youth Camp for Asia’s Future 2008 in South Korea. It was where the man first met June and it was immediately clear to him that she was a great woman. He never knows that Pinay girl were up to this beautiful. Lee was a participant who represents Cambodian youth and June was from Philippines. They didn’t meet each other often during the program. She impressed him the most out of Youth Camp girls by her beauty and personality.

The man thought of her “To me, June is very charismatic, beautiful, smart, talented, and seems almost the most ideal female. You know why I used the word almost here because it’s one-sided love and she does not return my love! What a loser! 😀 I also tried to forget her with these ideas “There are more than one girl in the world!” “Life is too short to spend it pining for someone who doesn’t see you as the great person you are. There are those out there who will.” No matter what I think of, I just cannot forget you. I know that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. She is truly a sweet person. Other qualities she has that make her an outstanding woman. She not only has the outer beauty but also has the inner beauty. I like the way she treats people nicely, whatever that is perfect can describe her” “One thing I love the most about youth camp is know her. It is my honor to know you, June. With lots of♥love and hopes to a long lasting friendship. You are always in my mind and in my heart. I’m glad to have you! Just wanted to remind you how special you are!” From your public admirer! Former Secret Admirer!” He concluded about the program.

After returning to their respective countries, they keep in touch on the Internet but not often. When the man chatted with her, he really loved the way she expressed her ideas. By doing so the man started to like her more and more. Usually, he didn’t chat or comment with her because he thought that would annoy her. But he did check her Facebook photos all the time. On social network, the man tried to ask the girl many times about one date. “I was really excited by just the thought of us having dinner together.” He would like to have one dinner and go to cinema together. He asked his dream girl just for once and for all. The girl did not response to his wish. “Can you do this for a friend, ok? Is it too much to ask for?” He tried to convince her.

He has been secretly in love with her for 3 years and one day he realized that he had very strong feelings for her that he won’t be able to hide and he didn’t want to hold it in. He would like to talk about it and smile at what was on his mind. He wrote an article on his blog describing his affection for her “You are and will always live in my heart.” He hasn’t had a girlfriend for the last few years. He didn’t have any girlfriend nor does time for any romance but he had one girl that lived in his♥heart.

The obsessed man had her photo stick into his room wall and sometimes he looked at the picture and asked “Where can I find a Cambodian girl who has that kind of personality?” As his love grows days from days, his dream girl became his dream wife. Lee had a rebellious attitude, so he thought “Only that kind of woman could bring out the best in me, and makes me a better person. And I could live with her for the rest of my life” “We would make an adorable couple.” He smiled 
He thought “To marry someone you love and have a happy married life is like hitting the jackpot!”

“I’ve always been obsessed with my dream girl” This sentence is always on his mind. One day the man came up with this idea: Lee tried to find South Korea short courses scholarship; he wanted that scholarship was just to get closer to her. But he could not find it on the Internet. So he came up with another idea. The man’s greatest enthusiasm is travelling. He saves up his money every day for his monthly trip. He has not had travelled for six months and he saved enough money to buy an air ticket to visit her. He is from Cambodia which is a developing country, so it is so hard to get South Korea visa. He tried all his best to get it. When he arrived in South Korea, the first place he went to was Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. He waited her outside that university with excited face and without let her know his presence.

To Be Continued


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